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Kinder Zahlen Lernen in der Schule

• To give free education to orphans and poor children whose parents are not able to pay school fees.

We believe that all children should have access to a music education regardless of their background

•  To build a model school become a top priority for education that set a good example to the Ugandan Government. We believe in the power of education to help to end poverty. 

• Our ultimate goal is to have “every child learning.” 

• Learning the skills they need in order to thrive - such as basic reading and writing - can oftentimes be difficult for young children, specially if they have to  face the challenges of poverty. 

To teach them and to let grow a self-responsibilty, gain knowledge and creativity might bring them a happy and better life in the future.



Save African Children is a Nonprofit Organization support children in Africa.

Poverty is a big problem for many schoolchildren. They often live on the street, which leads to crime, in most cases theft in order to survive.

The majority of orphans in Uganda are not in school even though they are required to attend school.

Therefore the country has no hope.

The children have no hope.

This year Save African Children will support a school at the Church community of the founder of God’s Light, to build the school and expand a music classroom. The vision is to inspire and motivate the next generation by education and music in one of the poorest areas in Bulako/ Banda, Namayingo, Uganda, East Africa. 

Last year we startet with this project and donated money to build the foundation of the school.

Please still help us to realize this dream and master the challenges we face for the new classrooms.

The new classrooms will provide sufficient space for all the students and be equipped with benches and tables.

Also we will donate for school uniforms, books and food.


We have yet another goal.

If we exceed our first financial goal, we would look for a used piano,

so that the pupils can also be granted access to music and explore their musical passion.


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