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2011 Winterveldt

Winterveldt Community Project from Save African Children and the Golden Youth Club.The purpose is to help the children and youth people with the needs who do not see any hope for the future, who’s hungry, cold and high rate of unemployment and poverty. Lot of young people in Winterveldt are facing a challenge of dropping out of school and easily being addicted with alcohol and drugs. We want to support the Winterveldt Community Project to build a new Youth Centre and give the young people new platform to expose their talents and abilities to uplift their lives that provide a better future.


2017 South Africa

Project with Hope of Africa church to help poor families to support food, medical for ill mental patients at home care clinic and missionary.

Conference team with Save African Childr

2013 Winterveldt

Project Save African support the secondary school students to Kwalata Game and Conference for game drives, conferences, adventure & leadership at at Gauteng, South Africa with Golden Youth Club. We support the conference the students for education, drugs and alcohol abuse and performs currently traditional dances, the Pantsula dance, modern & con-temporal dance and with theatre play. They contribute their insights and information on topics such as AIDS / HIV, drug and alcohol abuse in the family connections. They take part in choreography workshops going to take dance lessons, group leaders attend classes and make workshops. Save African Children help the poor people in the area of Winterveldt with food, clothes and spiritual motivation to the young people.

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2019 and 2020 Uganda

Save African Children supported a school at the Church community of the founder of God´s Light. Our goal was to build the school and expand a music classroom. The vision was to inspire and motivate the next generation by education and music in one of the poorest areas in Bulako/ Banda, Namayingo, Uganda, East Africa.


We started to realize our dreams and mastered the challenges we faced for a new classroom. 

We visited God's Light in August to donate for the foundation and the materials to build the school. 

In February 2020 the will enroll the first children and we still need more money provide the school with benches and tables, uniforms, books and food.

In order to achieve our goal a budget of 3000 Euro has been estimated.


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2014 Winterveldt

Project with Youth In Action is a youth organization that is committed to fight poverty, promoting care, support and spread information 

• Door to door: we go door to door identifying people who are in need with clothes and food (e.g. orphans, people who does not have any source of income and are realty in need.) at the same time we ask for donation to those who have them most so that we can help others. we also spread information.

• motivation: we go to schools to motivate students because most of them they drop school because of poverty.

• Agriculture: we make food garden near the house of people we have identified so that they can not depend on us, we want them to have something to sell and eat. we also have our own food garden that we use to donate food to those who does not have enough space for garden in their house.

• Art: we do drama, music dance and poetry to create awareness in the community.

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